U10 Football v Merchiston

Wednesday 27 Feb

   Our u10’s welcomed Merchiston U10’s on Wednesday on a warm and sunny early Spring afternoon. 
        Merchiston kicked off but lost possession and our boys immediately went on the offensive. We kept the ball much better, tried to pass it around, by and large with success. Using both sides of the pitch our boys moved Merchiston about. As a result, St. Marys had almost all the territory. Crosses went into the box where we had numbers and caused a lot of havoc. But the ball more often than not just didn’t fall for us. However on the occasions when it did fall favourably we either shot off target, or were too safe and wanted to walk the ball into the net. Nothing though should be taken away from the Merchiston goalkeeper as he had a fine half and kept his team in it. The half ended 0-0, but our boys were still very keen and knew if we continued on the same theme chances would still come our way.

      The 2nd half started in the same vein. We kept our keeper the same as he hadn’t had a shot to save. Surprisingly Merchiston changed their stopper. Then, the slight angst we had in the back of our heads came to fruition. In their first real attack our visitors took the lead. A cross came in which hit one of our players but fell nicely to the striker and he hit the back of the net. Merchiston immediately reverted back to their original keeper which proved to be the decision of the match. As we pushed even harder for a goal, they came under intense pressure. A string of scoring opportunities came our way, but again not putting any away was proving to be our downfall. During this time the Merchiston goalie made some big saves including 3 crackers. With time running out Merchiston got up to the other end and forced a corner. From the cross a goalmouth scramble ensued and the ball ended up in our net. 0-2. From that moment we knew it wasn’t going to be our day. With a minute to go it was 3 as Merchiston again showed us how to take your chances.
     Although disappointing, our boys played some really good football in our lead up play. Not for the first time though we knew our failure in front of goal was costly. However well done to Merchiston who kept at it and took their opportunities well.


Marnie Harvey, 01/03/2019

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