The Art Studio

Strange things have been happening in the art studio as Form 3 listen to Norse tales around the fire. As we heard of the Goddess Sif with her golden hair we began to lose ourselves in the flickering flames. Soon we could imagine Loki the God of fire and mischief was dancing in the golden glow. Like the Viking people before us we huddled around the fire to hear these ancient Norse myths.

We have been working on a theme of “Spark, Flicker, Flame” for this year’s schools art competition run by the National Gallery of Scotland. This has complemented the Viking theme that Form 3 have been studying with Mrs Kirkness.

art huddled around the fire

art Loki the fire God is here

Our imaginative drawings are about to work their way into our paintings of fire and we are quite excited about the results.
Ms Wood

Jules Birdsall, 24/01/2019