Reception Class Autumn Walk at Bowhill 

On Tuesday morning, Reception class headed to Bowhill for an autumn walk.  Charlotte Scott our HNC student came too and we were met there by Michael Paton the countryside Ranger.  After a quick snack, Michael took us for a lovely walk and a scavenger hunt. The children took a partner and shared a little bucket to collect different kinds of autumn leaves, moss and lichen.   

autumn walk R

autumn walk R 1

autumn walk R 2

It was so interesting listening to what Michael had to tell us about them.  The class loved the name “Old Man’s Beard” for lichen! 
When we returned to the room at Bowhill, we stuck the leaves that we had collected on six large pieces of paper that each had a sticky letter shape on them. What a surprise when we realised we had made the word “autumn”. 
autumn walk R 3

autumn walk R 4

autumn walk R 5

It was a lovely autumn walk. The rain stayed away while we were outside and on the way there and back we were even lucky to see three rainbows!
Mrs Currie

Jules Birdsall, 22/11/2018