Poppy Thinking Tree

After collecting the bottom section of so many plastic bottles we have been able to up-cycle them into our small outdoor Remembrance tribute. With so many communities coming together to create a visualisation that would record their thoughts concerning Remembrance, we thought it would be appropriate for our St Mary’s family to make our own.

plastic poppies 005 002

plastic poppies 010 002

The children have cut, painted and displayed their poppies on the big tree which is a focal point of our campus.  Poppy Scotland had expressed a wish that the people of Scotland would light up the buildings that are important to them in red light for Remembrance. Our tiny little red lights are our small nod to a greater theme.

form 7 thinking tree

form 7 thinking tree 2

They have also added a little label that expresses their thanks to various individuals who through the trials of war deserve our gratitude. Please take a moment to read our little brown labels.

Ms Wood

Jules Birdsall, 09/11/2018