Week ending 9th November 2018

Monday 5th November 
On Monday night the boarders played a wild game of dodgeball in the Pre Prep Gym while some preferred to draw quietly in the Art Room. To celebrate the 5th of November we all grouped together to enjoy some giant sparklers fun fuelled by toffee apples.

Mon 5th Nov

mon 5 nov

mon 5 nov 2

Tuesday 6th November
The bus headed off after prep for Tuesday swimming at Galashiels Pool. There was water volleyball over the lane flags in the pool while back at school, the other boarders enjoyed Warhammer painting and building with the new figure sets we acquired from Games Workshop. Others got stuck into ball games in the Pre Prep Gym.
tue 6 nov

tue 6 nov 2

tue 6 nov 3

Wednesday 7th November
Cheffy helped us all to make an outstanding meal of chicken goujons. It was delicious! Afterwards we stretched out with some Harry Potter yoga. Outside there was rugby and netball before everyone headed in for some warming hot chocolate and hot toast with melted butter and jam.

Thursday 8th November
Thursday saw some intense Kingball in the Pre-Prep Gym. There was also time to play or work on the computers in the ICT Room. Some of the Form 5 and 6 boys painted the new Warhammer figures on the Verandah before heading in to the cosy boarding houses for hot chocolate and toast. What a week!

wed 7 nov



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