Week ending 14th September 2018

Monday 10th September
We started the week with a rousing rendition of “Mon Chapeau” in the Hamilton Building after prep and then we all headed over to make washi tape bunting with Mrs Rawson while others got stuck into some serious Lego building with Mr Rawson or played dodgeball in the Pre-Prep Gym with Mr Inwood.

Mon 10 sept

mon 10 spet 2

mon 10 sept 3

mon 10 sept 4

Tuesday 11th September
After prep, a big game of capture the flag kicked off on the front field. Defending a base while simultaneously attacking two others proved to be very tricky! The game soon morphed into a wild game of milk/fire/water with Josh Cully the last man standing.

tue 11 sept

tue 11 sept 3

Wednesday 12th September
Following a full programme of matches we decided to change pace a little and all the boarders headed down to the Tweed for a stone skimming competition. Ms Amado was delighted to be introduced to this most exciting sport! We also built some amazing rock sculptures along the banks of the river before heading back for snacks and bed.

wed 12 sept 1

wed 12 sept

wed 13 sept

Thursday 13th September
On Thursday evening we enjoyed cooking with Chef. Half an hour later we were all thoroughly sated after platefuls of amazing halloumi and vegetable fritters, we rolled into prep before emerging to play touch rugby out on the front field. Everyone went to sleep in the cosy dorms with very full tummies!

Thur 13 sept

thur 13 sept 1

thur 13 sept 2

This week's recipe:

Mrs Rawson

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