U10 Rounders v Cargilfield

Wednesday 23rd May~

Cargilfield 7, St. Mary’s 17


I was extremely proud to be part of a fabulous match hosted by Cargilfield where the U10 team displayed wonderful skill and teamwork from start to finish.  From the long bus journey there and throughout the afternoon I was delighted with the effort and dedication applied by the players.
Stats from today

Name Position Match summary Total rounders scored
Tiggy Bowler As our captain today, she applied a mature approach to motivating and supporting the team.  Clever fielding and a consistent bowling technique resulted in a good overall individual score.
Skye Backstop Great overarm throw from backstop getting to bowler and beyond.  Good strong batting too with some quick thinking in both innings. 3
Bea 1st post Kept out wide and strategically didn’t just stick to post with some good fielding.  Lovely batting skills 2
Iona 2nd post Accurate catching and quick thinking at post to stump out many players.  Hit each and every ball with great gusto!
Emily 3rd post Flexible movement around her post to help field effectively.  Gained confidence in batting in 2nd inning 2
Cadence 4th post Lovely throwing and catching skills when fielding along with a few powerful hits when batting. 1
Kate Deep field Kept busy in fielding and tried hard in batting to make strong contact with the ball ½
Anna Deep field Attempted batting with two hands but has decided that one is best.  Quick thinking in deep field and always focused on the game ½

Some excellent fielding early on in the first inning resulted in the hosting team being 5 players down due to stumping or catching out at ball 12- impressive skills!  Our strong fielding continued in the 2nd inning as the hosts were all out of players by ball 22. 
Lovely effort from all players and delighted with our overall score. 
Mrs Wright 

Marnie Harvey, 24/05/2018

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