Week ending 4th May

Monday 30th April
On Monday evening Mrs SA held a big rounders match, Boys vs Girls on the Front Field. The boys smashed the girls around the park but everyone had a really good time! It was unseasonably chilly but everyone stayed warm and cosy with lots of running around.
30th april

30th April 1

Tuesday 1st May
On Tuesday evening we headed out for the boarders’ favourite sport; Danish longball. While the big pink bouncy ball was booted to all four corners of the pitches a group of  girls made cupcakes for Pam’s birthday in Mrs Rawson’s kitchen for all of the boarders to have for evening snack. They were delicious.

1st May 1

1st May 2

Wednesday 2nd May
With a number of boarders heading back to school late after matches on Wednesday in Edinburgh we headed outside for a teachers v pupils game of football on the courts. The result was unfortunately lost in the mists of time! There was also a bit of tennis in the late evening sun.

2nd May

2nd May 2

2nd May 3

Thursday 3rd May
Thursday evening saw the Form 8s joining Mrs Stuart for their science tutorial. The juniors enjoyed tennis lessons or some time in the ICT room before everyone headed out for a mass game of cops and robbers round the Big Tree. Stefan remains the undefeated champion.”

3rd May

Mrs Rawson

Mrs E Rawson ........ jb, 03/05/2018

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