U11Netball v Belhaven

Wednesday 31st Jan

Captain: Elena

Happy smiles and cosy sub-suits!


There was great excitement in the ranks as we headed for our first real match of the term-the first match was a training session.

Having watched the 1sts and 2nds, the girls were keen to put their own skills to the test, and it was not long before we had our first goal. The pace was rapid which at time led to careless errors, but on the whole, the first ¼ saw some pleasing netball played and we won this 4-1.

A couple of positional changes saw the team struggle to settle, Belhaven came back at us and this second ¼ was drawn at 3-3.

Still in the lead, we had a firm chat at half-time and decided that passes needed to be varied and everyone had to just work that little bit harder off the ball-the result of this was 5 goals, in rapid succession, from Elsa and some admiring gasps from the crowd; Belhaven score 2 goals of their own but we were still 12-6 in the lead.

A late surge from Belhaven and some sloppy passing from us saw Belhaven deservedly snatch the final ¼ from us -4 goals to our 2.
A final score of 14-10 to the under 11s-a good effort but still lots to work on.

Elsa x 12; Kiki x2

Mrs FK Bell

Marnie Harvey, 02/02/2018

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