26th January 2018

Monday’s reading included the theme of temptation and referred to a Hindu priest and a Hindu scholar, who came upon a tiger waiting to pounce on the path ahead of them. The priest had faith that his God would protect him and carried on his way. The scholar took evasive action and dived off into the undergrowth, soon to be followed by the priest who had given his initial decision a second thought. The tendency to rely on divine intervention was described by the scholar as foolhardy. He also suggested that whatever spirit guides us would approve of a common sense approach. Having a confidence in one’s decision-making is borne out of making a rational choice.

Millionaire book token number 8 was awarded to Libby B, and I paid tribute to Mr Bell and Stefan for working so hard on the ice-covered campus before pedestrians and vehicles arrived on Monday morning. This enhanced the safety of routes around school but pupils were warned to be sensible and not assume every patch of ice had been salted, despite Mr Bell’s “guardian angelesque” efforts.

Miss McRae had a spring in her step as the Middle School production rehearsal concluded on Tuesday. It would appear the process is on schedule and the usual high standard of performance is once again hotly anticipated.

One fixture took place on Wednesday, as flooding put paid to many other fixtures being cancelled and the report on the 1st XI draw with Merchiston is on the website.

Thursday 25th January was the 259th year since Robbie Burns was born. We honoured Scotland’s famous bard with Jamie F accompanying Chef and our pipe major Mr Bell as the haggis was addressed in the Morrison Hall. Credit goes to Jamie for reading the address to the haggis in auld Scots in front of the entire school. This was followed by my own “recital” of Tam o’ Shanter ably assisted by my “cattle, witches, warlocks and ghouls”, and auld Nick himself, in the form of Form 8 and Mr Bell. The centrepiece of the story was the unexpectant Cutty Sark, Mrs Currie. A fearsome chase down the aisle of the Morrison Hall saw the traditional ending of Tam’s narrow escape. Mrs Currie had not expected to be characterised in this way but as Reception had requested the performance, it was only right that she featured.

A busy day unfolded with haggis, neeps and tatties on the menu for lunch, beautifully prepared by Chef and his kitchen team and the afternoon included some sterling work from Secretary of the FP Association, Mrs Ann Wright, setting about the process of distributing the school magazine to the wider St. Mary’s community.

This morning’s assembly was provided by Mrs Fresle and Form 2, the theme being ‘find your talent and make the best of it’. The message was conveyed through role-play, singing and reading. Form 2 are to be congratulated on their confidence on the stage, standard of entertainment and useful advice. It is always a pleasure seeing such accomplished performances from our 6-7 year olds in front of a packed Morrison Hall, including parents and grandparents.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and restful weekend. 

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