1stVII Netball v Loretto 

Wednesday 10th January

As always, our first game of the season, with Loretto, was a fun and inclusive encounter, getting as many girls as possible on court, playing in good spirits, if not slightly green! The frost and bitterness of Monday had subsided, paving the way for an overcast but pleasant afternoon and the netball wasn’t bad either!
It was all a little frantic in the first quarter. Both sides squandered possession too often, but what the girls lacked in finesse, they more than made up for in terms if enthusiasm. While passes may not all have found their target, signs were there that the girls were capable of playing some good netball.


As the second quarter got underway, the girls began to settle into their positions. Rosie (GK) and Jessica (GD) managed to intercept most passes to the Loretto shooters and when their opposite numbers did receive the ball, they were at best only afforded a single shot. Mhairi (WD), Eliza (C) and Isla were up against three tall and capable girls but did extremely well at not only disrupting their possession but also in making good use of the court and covering a significant amount of ground in doing so. Rowan (GA) and Iona (GS) also began to find their range and as the quarter ran its distance, they both linked well with each other and Eliza and Isla and shots were finding their target the majority of the time.

As this was the first run out of the season for both sides, we stopped the game whenever an opportunity arose for the girls to perhaps learn a new or suggest an alternative move. It was gratifying to watch as the second half of the game unravelled, the girls digesting the advice and subsequently, both teams enjoyed much greater spells of possession. Serenity and a calm sense of purpose took over, movement from both teams improved tenfold as did the girls’ accuracy and success rate.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. I was glad to see such improvement in the girls, not only individually but also collectively and they thoroughly deserved to emerge victorious. Very well done to you all.

Next week we travel to Cargilfield where we now plan to start at 2.00pm rather than 2.30pm as calendared.

Mr. P


Marnie Harvey, 12/01/2018

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