Week ending 15th December 2017

Monday 11th December
With only 14 days until Christmas, every night of boarding this week is going to relate to the silly season. Tonight’s menu was not a Christmas dish, but equally as delicious; baked potato with assorted fillings followed by yogurts and fruit. Afterwards was prep, in which every pupils and all staff except time keeper Mrs S-A sat a multiplication and division quiz. There was 5 minutes to answers 99 questions, with only Hamish scoring 100%! This brain teaser was followed by a selection of Christmas themed games. Pupils were split into three groups and competed against each other in a round of Pictionary and Name That Song. In between these games, the groups were given a Christmas song and asked to choreograph an interpretive dance to the lyrics of the tune. This was then performed to an audience and three judges (Pam, Mr Whitelaw and Mrs S-A) who had to guess the song based on the dance. Max’s group won this round because they were the only group who’s song was guessed correctly by Pam. In the end, however, both Max’s and Jessie’s teams were tied with 16 points each. A question about this morning’s assembly was the only thing that separated the two groups in the end, Jessie’s team coming out victorious in tonight’s Christmas fun.

11 dec

11 dec 1

11 dec 2

11 dec 3

11 dec 5
Tuesday 12th December
The twinkling frost was washed away by rain tonight, keeping boarders inside for the second time this week. This didn’t dampen their spirits though, and after a dinner of chips, sausages and beans everyone headed to the ICT room for some prep. Not many boarders had prep to do so Mrs Rawson designed a Christmas word search for them to complete. It was quite difficult and pupils and staff were getting very competitive about completing it the fastest, Geordie and John eventually winning the race. It was still drizzling after 45 minutes of prep, so boarders stayed inside for activities. A small group of boys went to the veranda to play air hockey with Mr Brown, whilst everyone else went to the Friends Common Room to watch Elf. Before showers and quiet reading everyone had snack together in the Girls House, a lovely way to end the night.

12 dec

12 dec 1

Wednesday 13th December
Boarders Carol Singing
12 dec 2

Mrs E Rawson and Miss J McRae

Jules Birdsall, 14/12/2017

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