U9 Hockey v Mowden Hall

28th November 2017


 For the final match of the season the Under 9’s travelled over the border to Northumberland to play Mowden Hall. This caused great excitement amongst the girls who seemed to think the journey would take a few hours!!
After a quick warm up, the girls were eager to start playing. Due to the very cold temperature it was decided to play 8 a side, over two 15 minute halves. Mowden won the toss and took first push back. The forwards, consisting of Celia, Charlotte and Zara, went on the offensive straight away and supported by Olivia and Freya in the midfield began to dominate the play. The girls utilising the skills learnt throughout the term, were quick to tackle and move the ball around the pitch. It was also obvious that the girls were thinking where to pass the ball rather than pushing it straight back down the middle. Although the defence of Beattie, Tallulah and Lily, had minimal play in the first half, when the ball did come into our defensive half they were quick to tackle and push the ball back up the field to our attackers. St Mary’s were clearly the stronger team and we finished the first half 5-0 up. During half time the girls switched positions, Tallulah and Beattie moving into attack and Lily into midfield. In the second half Mowden Hall created more opportunities, moved into their attacking half and had a shot on goal,  however, the new St Mary’s defence successfully cleared the ball to the forwards, who pushed into D and scored 2 goals.   Final score 7-0 to St Mary’s. The girls played extremely well both individually and as a team.


Beattie played well both in defence and attack, producing some lovely stops and passes.

Celia demonstrated some good open and reverse stick skills and was key in setting up and also scoring some great goals. 
Charlotte played well in attack with some lovely positioning in the D to utilise crosses from her team mates and some super shots on goal.
Freya played thoughtfully throughout the game looking where and who to pass to and was also quick to respond to changes in the direction of play.
Lily was strong in defence and tackled with confidence. Super clearance of the ball to her team mates.

Olivia worked hard in the midfield, always being ready to support the forwards and quickly coming back to help the defence. Key in scoring a number of goals
Tallulah was a crucial part of the defence, always watching the game and quick to run forward and tackle the opposition when required.
Zara used the width of the pitch well to change direction of play and made a number of excellent passes back into the D for potential goal scoring opportunities.

A fantastic end to the season, well played girls!

Mrs Routeledge and Jessie


Marnie Harvey, 30/11/2017

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