Week ending 24th November 

Monday 20th November
Monday is typically thought of as a gloomy day, representing the end of the weekend and the resuming of the school week. This might mean a less enjoyable day for pupils at school as they come to turns with being back at school, however, this is never the case on a Monday night at boarding. As Lucy so beautifully put it during free time this evening - ‘boarding is my silver lining when I’ve had a gloomy day’. The photos below prove that it’s not just her that feels that way. Pupils played an enjoyable game of sardines tonight in the Sanderson building and then finished the evening with some down time in both houses common rooms.

20 NOv

20 nov 1

20 nov 2

Tuesday 21st November
It was a hectic evening at boarding this evening as extra pupils tagged along to enjoy part of the night whilst their parents were at parent teacher conferences. Because of the numbers, cooking with Cheffy was cancelled and it was Coronation Chicken, Potatoes, salad and baguettes for dinner. It was then time for prep where Seniors and Juniors were split between the two pre-prep classrooms. After some hard work, the activities this evening were LEGO building in Mrs Rawson’s house, free time outside, watching Moana in Ms Renwick’s classroom or sock wrestling in Form 2. With so many pupils, all activities were soon filled with eager young boys and girls. A fantastic night full of all sorts of different things to keep the young boarders of St Mary’s healthy and happy.

21 nov

21 nov 1

21 nov 2

Wednesday 22nd November
Ang was waiting in the dining hall for boarders this evening, a roast dinner ready at the hatch. After dinner pupils were given free one until 7pm when everyone went to the Morrison Hall for some Ceilidh dancing practice ahead of next week’s boarders’ ceilidh. Everyone showed brilliant enthusiasm during the dancing, which bodes well for next Wednesday. Remember to bring your dancing shoes!

22 nov

22 nov 1

22 nov 2

22 nov 3

Thursday 23rd November
The night began with a very fulfilling and healthy meal of baked potato with assorted meats and vegetables, before quickly splitting off into prep. After prep there were numerous activities on offer including bracelet making, felt stitching, football and ICT time. Everything ran very smoothly and before long it was time for showers, reading and bed.

Mrs E Rawson and Miss J McRae

Jules Birdsall, 24/11/2017

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