Week ending 17th November 2017

Monday 13th November
Max, our beloved Aussie GAP, turned 19 over the weekend so tonight was a celebration of him. Dinner was a healthy and nutritious meal consisting of protein (roast chicken) and vegetables (potatoes, peas and carrots). Prep was an hour of quiet revision for boarders, after which everyone went to the pre-prep gym for indoor basketball. Mrs S-A, Mr Whitelaw, Stefan and Max all took charge of a team and played off for bragging rights. In the end it was down to only two teams - Stefan and Mrs S-A’s. It was an exhilarating match that had the whole gym shaking with screams of excitement. Unfortunately, time got the better of the two teams and the match finished with no buckets shot. Stefan and Mrs S-A will have to have a shoot off later in the week to settle the score for their teams. After working up a sweat playing Max’s favourite sport, pupils went into the Friends Common Room in the Girls’ Boarding House for a phenomenal checkered chocolate cake made by Pam! The only thing which might have matched the beauty of the cake was the singing of the boarders as they sung Happy Birthday to Max. It was a great night, hopefully showing Max just how much everyone here at St Mary’s loves him.

13 nov

13 nov 1

13 nov 2

Tuesday 14th November
The kitchen was packed this evening with 30 pupils boarding. Cheffy, however, was prepared for the challenge of organising a cooking activity for the large contingency and had set black trays with balls of dough on them throughout the dining hall. It did not take long before cheese was being artfully tossed onto dough and then thrown into the oven for homemade margarita pizzas. Despite dinner running a little later than usual, pupils still got an hour of prep to revise for tomorrow’s assessments and then were provided with three equally interesting, yet different, activities for the evening - washi tape art with Mrs Rawson, Warhammer with Mr Brown and outdoor sports with Max and Stefan. It was awesome for the boarders to get their minds off exams and just enjoy being at school with their mates.

14 nov

14 nov 1

14 nov 2

14 nov 3

 Wednesday 15th November
Chicken fajitas for dinner set the stage for an awesome night of boarding. Boarders were given free time after dinner for 45 minutes before meeting outside the Hamilton building to hear their options for the remainder of the evening. Mr Whitelaw would be screening ‘Lions Uncovered’ in the Boys Common Room, Pablo and the male Gaps would offer an outdoor game of football on the tennis courts, and Mrs Rawson and Jessie were planning to do Pilates and face masks in the Girls Boarding House. Pleasingly, boarders spread themselves evenly throughout the three activities and appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves at whatever they had chosen. It was great for boarders to get their minds off any assessments they might be worrying about and prepared everyone for a calm and restful night’s sleep.

15 nov

15 nov 1

15 nov 2

Thursday 16th November
The end of the week was almost here and all boarders had finally finished their assessments. The kitchen team must have been in the mood to celebrate these two things because dinner was delicious Yorkshire pudding, roast vegetables and meat. After dinner boarders went to prep, but only for 30 minutes, before going outside for free time, doing Christmas beading in the library or watching David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ in the Friends Common Room. Before long it was time for showers, snack and bed. Form 8’s had the privilege of watching a little bit of TV before bed this evening, the boys putting on the darts in their common room and the girls watching a Christmas classic, Elf. 40 days until Santa comes to visit and now that assessments are over, the countdown has well and truely begun for one and all.

16 nov

16 nov 1

Mrs Rawson and Jessie McRae

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