1st Hockey v Earlston High School

Wednesday 15th November 2017

St. Mary's - 5 - Earlston - 1

Captain: Jessica

It was a delight to spend my afternoon umpiring the 1st VIII and to witness just how far this bunch of young ladies have come.

The Earlston players were all S2 and looked tall in comparison to our crew, however size did not come in to it with skill and communication being the overriding factor. St. Mary’s looked strong from the word go with goal no 1 only 2 minutes in, courtesy of a sweeping shot, from Eliza. Hannah C positioned herself well, received a ball on the reverse, from Jessica, and bang, in went the second. With some super ‘running hockey’ being played I was most impressed with Maria, Rosie and Eliza who took no prisoners. They were ably ‘led’ by Jessica, who dictated play, from her pivotal position. An unlucky break from a speedy Earlston player, which saw Phoebe left unsupported, resulted in a goal for the opposition  but saw us 2-1 up as we entered half-time.


Some fairly evenly matched hockey was played early in the second half, and Tegan was kept on her toes; Molly S and Iona were proactive in defence and I was pleased with their marking and use of the width. With 10 minutes to go Mhairi scored a hat-trick-goals on minute 9, minute 10 and minute 12 and we saw the team ratchet up a notch-it is fair to say they played the best hockey I have seen them play of late. A well-deserved victory from some very promising hockey players.

Mrs FK Bell

Marnie Harvey, 17/11/2017

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