St. Mary's 2nds v Earlston High School

Wednesday 15/11/17

St. Mary's  1 – Earlston High School 2




It was a frustrating match this afternoon for all involved. The teams were relatively equal in ability but, as with any match, it all comes down to who can get the ball those final few inches over the line which today, the St. Mary’s girls really struggled to do. It was not without effort or determination though. In fact, the girls had more opportunities than their opposition in the goal area, however, players being out of position, not lifting their heads before taking a shot and not getting in for rebounds, teamed with some super saves from the Earlston goalie, meant we did not get a goal until the last few minutes of the second half. It was tough for the St. Mary’s girls to play without a marked D or proper hockey goals which left them closing in tightly to each other in the goal area which did not lend itself to taking shots as plenty of sticks and feet were in the way! Earlston were also physically strong and pushed us (legitimately) off the ball to take as many advantages as possible. Our intrepid keeper made some cracking saves and the score should really have been more in our favour if we take into consideration the number of chances we had. That is just the way sport goes sometimes!
Next week we play Cargilfield so we need to up our game before then to get the result we know we can secure. Keep working hard girls.

Marnie Harvey, 16/11/2017

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