St. Mary's V Loretto

STM 4 - L- 1


Our first match of the season had been a tight result against Loretto so everyone knew it would be an exciting match today. The St. Mary’s girls needed to take control of the game and work hard on keeping their structure to ensure they became a formidable force on the pitch. It was a chilly start at the first push back but that seemed to get both sides moving quickly about the pitch.

That said, within the first 5 minutes of the match Loretto were awarded a short corner which they executed well and scored from. This got the St. Mary’s girls perked up a bit more and they set out to level the score from a short corner too. From the following push back, our forwards took control of the play and from just a couple of passes and some nifty stick work, the ball was back in Loretto’s D and we managed to secure our second goal. Loretto were then hot on our heels and putting the pressure on every time we got the ball. They were really making it difficult for our mids out on the wings to make passes as they closed in on us to diminish the space. We needed to offload quicker and have supporting players call for drop passes more. It was fairly even-stevens for the rest of the half, but a slip from an attacking Loretto player gave us an opportunity to grab back possession down in our D and drive the ball all the way back up the pitch to score again in a 4 on 1 situation. It is grabbing chances like that that can make all the difference in matches and it was super to see the girls take them with such gusto.

The second half was a real battle. Loretto were eager to get the game back and our girls were not willing to give up possession of the ball. The structure of the team held together really well and the girls were able to move the ball around with ease by making square passes to switch the play to the other side of the pitch with one strong hit. An early goal, once again from playing to our strengths, put us further into the lead, however Loretto were not backing off. Their goalie made some incredible saves and their defence worked tirelessly to hold us off. When they did break through they put our defence under some pressure but it was great to see how composed and calm our two outfield defenders were when going in for a tackle or having to clear the ball wide when being closed down by an attacker. Our fearless keeper held her own too and also made some super saves.

Overall it was our best performance as a team this season so far. The girls really gelled today and played together as a team of 8 not as 8 individuals. It was wonderful to see all their hard work in games sessions pay off and they should be very proud of their performance against a very able team.
Thank you to Loretto for making the journey down and for the supporters braving the cold to add some supportive comments from the side line. 

Mrs J SA


Marnie Harvey, 13/11/2017

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