Ampleforth Rugby Training


"On Monday afternoon we were delighted to welcome Mr Thurman and Mr James from Ampleforth College. Mr Thurman is a regular visitor to and friend of St. Mary's. He is also a highly experienced rugby referee and last year was  press-ganged into refereeing the 1st XV match against Aberlour House. Mr James is Ampleforth's Head of Rugby and Sports Development. He is also an ex-professional having played for Gloucester for 8 years and represented Wales at the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Mr James led the boys in a series of fun games emphasising use of space in attack and defence. The boys loved the training session and it was great to see Captain William Tweedie step forward to thank the 6' 6" Mr James! Well done to all involved.

Mr T Rawson







Marnie Harvey, 09/11/2017

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