U9 Hockey v Loretto 

Wednesday 8th November

On the first cold autumn day, the St Mary’s U9 girls travelled to Musselburgh to play Loretto. The game was played over 4 ten minute quarters.

 At the end of the first quarter, both teams had fought hard to maintain a 0-0 score line. The game was fast and furious with both teams gaining and losing possession of the ball and both teams appearing to be evenly matched. 

 In the second quarter after an attacking phase by St Mary’s, Loretto took advantage of a lapse in defence and scored.  The girls came back strongly, continued to push forward and went into half time confident that they could hold their ground.


 In the remaining 2 quarters, the girls worked hard in both attack and defence, we had 3 shots on goal but unfortunately didn’t score.  However a couple of minor errors in defence led to Loretto’s scoring and winning the match.

 Our girls were very unlucky to not to score as a number of attempts narrowly missed the target.

 Well done, Beatrice C, Celia, Freya, Hannah, Nicole, Olivia, and Zara and thank you to our brave spectators for supporting us on such a cold afternoon. 

Mrs Routledge and Max

Marnie Harvey, 09/11/2017

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