1st VIII Hockey v Loretto 

Wednesday 8th November
St. Mary’s 3, Loretto 6

A tricky game today against a skilful and determined side. Having drawn with Loretto on our previous two meetings this season, I hoped today that we might go one better but Loretto clearly had other ideas!
Unfortunately we were put somewhat on the back foot only minutes into the game when Loretto found themselves unmarked in our D and took full advantage. It took a second goal in similar circumstances to give us the jolt we needed and then we started to come back into the game. Mhairi was in the right place at the right time and scored just before the half time whistle, so we went into the break with the scored poised at 1 – 2, so anyone’s game.

In the second half, it took a while for either team to find a break and unfortunately it was Loretto who found it first. However, at 1 – 3 down again the girls rallied and got a goal back almost immediately. The game seesawed too and fro for the rest of the half and had it not been for some heroics from the Loretto keeper who was outstanding, we would have closed the deficit. In think it was Mhairi who popped up at the far post to score our third and her third of the game but on this occasion it wasn’t enough. Isla had to go off with a knee injury, so Lara came on for her first appearance for the 1st VIII. She played very well and got to speed with the pace of the game almost immediately, so well done her.
Perhaps not the result I had been hoping for but the girls certainly worked hard. More pace when on the ball and more width might have caught the Loretto girls more by surprise but I hope on reflection, the girls have realised how they can improve for next time. A gallant effort today girls, well done.
Next week we travel across the Tweed to Earlston High School, for a 1.30pm start. 

Mr P

Marnie Harvey, 09/11/2017

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