U11 Hockey v Fettes 

Wednesday 1st November 2017

St. Mary's 1 - Fettes 1

I was delighted with how the girls responded to Fettes today- I knew Fettes had rarely been beaten this season, but I decided NOT to tell the girls this!
The game began with the ball ricocheting up and down the centre of the pitch, far too much, ‘hit n hope’ going on, and it took a while for both teams to use the width. Fettes had a couple of nippy players up front but had not reckoned on the stamina and tenacity of Elsa and Freyja. Both Imo and Willa, at the back, kept their sticks low and remembered to ‘double-team’, forcing the attacker to panic-this worked! A breakaway goal was to be our undoing in the first half when poor Emily was left on a one-on-one-we must NEVER leave our goalie unattended.

 Is Elena biting Elsa's arm??

If Fettes had more possession in the first half then we had it in the second. Daisy, Libby and Emma tried hard to fight back for lost balls and Elena began to use her skills, Kiki was strong and powerful when running and this was just what we needed. Emily in goal, was a star and it is a delight to see her confidence soaring in this position but what heartened me most was the girls were communicating and not leaving all the hard yards to Elsa and Freyja. After 5 continuous shots on goal, which were saved by an equally competent goalie, we were at last rewarded with an equaliser in a combined Scott-de Gier move.
A draw was absolutely fair after an exciting 40minutes on the pitch.

Well done, all.

Mrs FK Bell

Marnie Harvey, 03/11/2017

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