3rds Hockey v Belhaven

Wed 11th Oct

STM 7 - BH 2

This was a fantastic game of hockey which I very much enjoyed umpiring. Some great skills on show and such determination that you could not fail to be impressed!


The opening five minutes was pretty balanced. Both teams were finding their form and it took a little while for them to spread out, use more of the pitch than the centre channel and find the extra space they were all searching for. However, they soon found it and the game opened out considerably. Lara, Emma and Molly were all playing in attacking roles, with Hannah, Lucy and Amelie in more defensive roles. As such there tended to be large areas of the pitch unoccupied, so at half time, one focus was to get the girls more structured and this worked a treat!

With Emma playing up front as a centre forward, Lucy resumed the role as centre midfield with Lara on the right and Molly on the left. That left Amelie and Hannah at the back. Lara and Molly made excellent use of the space out wide and supported by Lucy, the three of them and Emma played some lovely hockey. They all showed great pace on the ball, some fabulous stick skills and they worked very hard. Amelie and Hannah were also busy. The Belhaven team had one or two strong girls who kept Amelie and Hannah on their toes. Most of what came their way however was dealt with swiftly and effectively. The two girls then had time playing as forwards and both I think managed to get on the score sheet.

So, very well done to all the girls. I thought individually you all played really well and collectively, your support for one another and team spirit were fabulous. Congratulations on a great win!

Mr P. 

Marnie Harvey, 26/10/2017

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