U8 Rugby v Cargilfield

STM 2 - Cargilfield 4

With the rain pouring down at the start of an exciting fixture both teams did very well to keep the ball off the ground, we came up against a strong under 9B team with boys who were very quick at running down the wings, but the St. Mary’s team did very well at tracking back and being able to stop a few tries, losing the first half 3-0, we needed to have a big second half, with two tries coming from Reece B, and only one try being conceded in the second half was a great improvement which allowed us to win the second half 2-1. Daniel L also provided an attacking threat with his pace and side steps to be able to weave his way in and out. Gregor A also showed his great footwork that gave him a ‘Messi’ like ability to skim his way past 3 defenders. George G and Angus M did well in being able to make metres whenever the ball came to their hands. Rufus S and Callum B both showed great determination in defence and kept the communication up to keep the defensive line flat.

Overall, I was very pleased with this performance and we will keep progressing in the second half of term. I hope all the boys get a good well deserved rest and can recharge their batteries for the rest of the season.

Mr S Rooney


Marnie Harvey, 25/10/2017

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