Form 6 re-enaact the Battle of Hastings in 1066

This term Form 6 have been learning about the events of 1066, from the Succession question following Edward the Confessors death, to the Viking invasion of the North and the Battle of Hastings which brought around the end of Anglo-Saxon England.

Last week we re-enacted the Battle of Hastings for a bit of fun, but also to consolidate classroom learning and provided a fresh learning experience for the form, which helped them cement the knowledge of event in the minds.

Below are a few pictures from our Battle 951 years on from the actual event which took play on the 14/10/1066.


Figure 1: The Saxon Shield wall faces the massed Norman Archers, Infantry and Cavalry.

1066 B

Figure 2: The Norman Archers loose a volley into the Saxon ranks, but the Shield wall holds

1066 C

Figure 3: The Norman infantry advance, but the Saxons on Senlac hill hold fast

1066 D

Figure 4: Bishop Odo leads the Norman Cavalry into the fray, but to no avail.

1066 E

Figure 5: Duke William rallies the Norman knights. The Saxon Fyrd break the shield wall and charge.

1066 F

Figure 6: The Normans set about the broken Saxon army, and defeat them. Godwinson is slain by an arrow to the eye! After a whole days fighting, the end of Anglo-Saxon England has come.

Mr J Brown

Jules Birdsall, 13/10/2017