U9A v Belhaven 

The U9A’s had a confident multi goal scoring finish against last weeks opponents and after two lively lessons focusing on tactical play the U9A’s were all set to do the same again in Dunbar. Sadly, it was not to be! St Mary’s U9’s are good at maintaining their positions and understand where the ball should go, they have good skills but at present, they lack the focus, drive and determination to score goals. I do hope they find this soon!


There were moments in the game when the team passed the ball with real thought, looking for a player ahead to pass to and then this would quickly be followed by a blind ‘whack’ forward to Miss Nobody and a goal scoring opportunity gone. St Mary’s defensive play was by far their strength today from all the team. They missed very few tackles and now need to build on this by continuing to move forward with the impetus gained in the tackle. Well done to all the team for not giving up, for enjoying the game and for being gracious losers.
Focus and determination are the key for this team and I wish them success next half term.
Mahi, Beatrice, Nicole, Hannah, Freya, Beattie, Zara and Celia

Mrs H Rhodes


U9B Hockey v Belhaven 

The U9B team had their second match of the season and travelled to Belhaven. After watching the U9A team, they were keen to take to the pitch and start to play.
Belhaven won the toss and gave St Mary’s the first push back. Belhaven intercepted the ball and the St Mary’s girls quickly had to start defending and spent the majority of the half in defence, tackling well but failing to clear the ball from the D allowing Belhaven to score four goals in quick succession.   St Mary’s had a couple of attacking runs however despite moving the ball wide struggled to move past the Belhaven defence.
The girls came back stronger in the second half and again attempted to move the ball around the pitch, however the Belhaven defence was too strong.  Belhaven moved forward in attack and put another two goals past the St Mary’s defence.  Final score 6 - 0
The team consisted of Amelia, Bee, Beattie, Charlotte, Lilly, Mahi, Tallulah and Tanya.
Mrs P Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 12/10/2017

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