2nd XVIII v Belhaven

 Wednesday 11th Oct

STM 5 - BH 1


Luckily for the 2nds, the torrential rain had stopped and the sun began slithering out from behind the rain clouds as their match against Belhaven began. It was an exciting match, with lots of skills on show from both teams. The first half was a very positive one for the St. Mary’s side and they managed to keep possession of the ball for the majority. Belhaven came in with some big tackles, yet St. Mary’s used their acceleration to get away from them as best they could. We had a few opportunities in the D to score, but our first goal came from a short corner, which is something the girls have been working hard to improve upon over the last few training sessions, and Eliza sent the ball soring into the goal from the top of the D. Following that, the whole team were giving 100% and eager for more goals. Iona and Phoebe in defence made some strong tackles and clears whenever the Belhaven attackers approached but there were times when our D was left vulnerable and Belhaven got their shots off. Luckily our intrepid goalie, Anna, was on great form and made some super saves. By half time we had gained another goal due to Rowan taking a chance on a loose ball in the D, and popping it over the line.


The second half was fast paced and all 14 outfield players on the pitch were ball hungry. At times, heads remained low so there was a little bit of ping pong being played with the ball going from one team to another and back again without any real movement. However, when both teams did get the ball moving out into space, the wings were used to full affect. Libby and Lucy out on our wings worked hard to bring the ball up the pitch as well as fending off any advancing Belhaven players when possession switched. Ruby and Rosie worked well in the D and used their skills to get the ball into a good space or position for a shot. Collectively, the St. Mary’s team managed another 3 goals and Belhaven got a well-deserved one too. They had more opportunities than the score perhaps suggests and were unlucky not to get more over the goal line.


A great match with lots of slick skills on show. Well done to all who played. 


Special thank you to  L. Mitchell for taking my place behind the lens!











Marnie Harvey, 12/10/2017

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