U9 Hockey v Compass
Wednesday 4th October

One St Mary’s team consisting of ten players (eight and two to swap in) travelled the short distance to Tweedbank to play a home game against Compass School. Compass had 14 players so the staff quickly made the decision to play two equal teams of five aside and for each team to play one half and then swap opponents. The two dynamic St Mary’s teams were

A Beattie RD, Mahi LD, Beatrice CM, Nicole LA, Zara RA
1 Hannah LD, Celia RD, Freya CM, Bee LA, Kira RA


From the first whistle it looked apparent the teams were well matched and the games were going to be close.

Team 1 suffered at the hands of a confident Compass side and despite some good trapping of the ball, St Mary’s failed to send the ball out into space and away from the Compass attack. Compass quickly regained possession and before the St Mary’s defence could re organise themselves, Compass had hit the ball across the line. This  was repeated three times in quick succession before St Mary’s gained control of the game. The St Mary’s defence took the ball into the attacking half and delivered an accurate pass to the Centre Mid player who dribbled the ball confidently through a space in the Compass defence and with a hard push scored Sty Mary’s first goal. The final score for this game was 1-3 to Compass but that goal had given St Mary’s 1 a moral boost and a much more confident team started the second game.

This game was all about St Mary’s attack. The whole team passed the ball with much more thought and they were able to find gaps in the Compass defence. The Centre mid player managing to score an impressive total of three goals, all very much with the help of the whole team. The final score for this game was a win for St Mary’s 3-0.

I wasn’t able to swap team’s and watch the A team but the Compass umpire saw both their games an commented on how much St Mary’s improved from the first to the second game. They lost the first game by a narrow margin 0-1 and won the second game 2-1. Again, all the goals put over the line by the same player, this time the Right Attack, but we all know they aren’t able to do this without the help of the whole team.

It was a well-matched and exciting afternoon of hockey with St Mary’s scoring a grand total of 6 goals to Compasses 5. The U9’s are gaining more understanding of the game and we look forward to our matches next week when two teams will travel to Belhaven School.

Mrs H Rhodes

Marnie Harvey, 06/10/2017

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