2nd VIII v Dollar Academy

STM 3 - Dollar 7

Wednesday 4th October


The seconds knew that they would be up against a strong Dollar side today, but after the effects of the long bus journey had worn off and they decided to wake up, they showed just as much skill as their opposition. In the first half Dollar dominated, scoring 4 goals. Their strength and tenacity on and off the ball allowed them to hold possession with ease and take control of the game. However, the last 5 minutes of the first half the St. Mary's girls began being more forthcoming and started making tackles rather than letting Dollar have shots at goal. We did have some opportunities in our attacking D, however, the composure and ability to execute our shots simply wasn't there.

At half time it was discussed that the defence needed to be feistier, the forwards needed to be better positioned in front of the goal and the midfields needed to get in front of oncoming balls. It was fantastic to see that in the second half all three of these things were put into practise and as a team, the girls played some excellent hockey. Dollar were still playing to their strengths but we were closing them down more and demonstrated the ability to pass the ball between ourselves, in order to bring it up the pith and into the D. As a result of taking opportunities as and when they arose, we scored three fantastic goals, from three crosses into the D that were tapped smoothly into the corners of the goal. Although, as our legs began to tire, Dollar got the better of us towards the end of the game. However, the second half ended three goals apiece, for which the girls should be delighted.

Keep up the good work girls! 

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