U11B Rugby v Mowden U11A

Wednesday 4th October

After last week’s break the U 11 B’s were looking forward to today’s match against their Mowden Hall counterparts. However Mowden had travelled expecting to play our A’s so had selected an appropriate team for that. To their credit, our B boys just got on with matters and took the field in a positive frame of mind.

      Mowden won the toss and elected to take the pass off to start the match. Ground conditions were sodden, but at least the rain had abated. Mowden were a big side who, from the off, utilised that physicality as you would expect and successfully were driving up the middle. Even when tackles went in our boys found it difficult to prevent the offload to the next supporting player. By midway through the 1st half we were 3 tries down. Then from open play we put some passes together through Mitchell C and Archie J and got the ball to Ollie L. From halfway he took off wide and outflanked the Mowden defence to score an excellent opening St. Marys try.

   Our boys got a lift from this and our tackling overall improved as did our own driving play with Isaac B and Isaac S having some joy. Then Ollie L replicated his first try as again in open play he took off wide again up the left and outstripped the covering across Mowden defence for another fine try. Involved this time in the lead up play were Jack H and Robbie L who provided good hands to get the ball out to Ollie.

  This period was our best of the match as we had more possession and looked to use our speed in the team by trying to move ball around before taking contact. 2 minutes before halftime this policy paid off again with this time Alex M picking up a loose ball and moving it out to Archie J who in turn passed to Ollie l who didn’t hesitate. He stepped in then out then again headed out wide to the touchline and was away before any potential defenders could react to head him off. Another lovely try!

    3-3, and to level it up was a fine effort by our boys. Then in the last play before halftime Mowden went to their strength and drove up the middle. From the ruck the ball went one pass out and the next drive got over the line to score. Halftime 3-4.

     The first play of the 2nd half saw us concede another try after good driving and offloading play by Mowden. This quick 1-2 either side of halftime did affect us a little, especially after the effort it took to draw level. The next few minutes we spent defending, and any possession we had we found it harder to make inroads. But at halfway through the 2nd half we were still very much in it on the scoreboard. But then the driving play of Mowden was starting to take its toll. With more possession, a steady stream of 5 tries ensued over the next several minutes. Even then though, our boys by and large tried to put in tackles epitomised by Alex M who brought down head- on Mowden’s biggest player!

     Then, in one last effort in the final play, Archie J and Mitchell C worked some space for Ollie L who scored his and the team’s 4th try, and capped a fine individual display of elusive pace running after good work by his team-mates to give him the space! Final score 4-10.
 Well done boys for never giving up and trying to play to the last. Thank you to Mowden for making the long journey and playing their part in a good spirited match

Marnie Harvey, 05/10/2017

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