U10 Hockey v Compass

Wednesday 4th October
St. Mary’s 3, Compass 1 

We welcomed our visitors from Haddington today and had a quick warm up and skills session before getting started on our match.


Compass won the toss and took the first pass so we assembled on our chosen half.  The match was very fairly matched and we had various chances at the goal area and I was impressed with great team work and stick skills around the goal as well as the dedication of the defence duo to protect the goal area.  With two lovely goals scored in the first half and one by our opponents, we were keen to ensure we kept our lead in the second half.  After a couple of changes of players for the second half we continued to keep our team strong, defending the goal area well although allowing one goal in.  With some messy plan at their goal, we also added another to our overall score with an own-goal. 
I was delighted with the score today and the team effort.  We are really getting into our stride with moving into spaces, tackling, calling for the ball and passing accurately to move the ball to the goal. 
Well done girls and thank you to our large supporting parent body today. 


Team summary

Emily  (Captain) – excellent skills to drive forward the ball and push it nearer the goal, worked well to find spaces wide (right wing)
Anna – super speedy and learning pass to players and not just into spaces with great enthusiasm (left mid. in first half)
Emerson – good eye on the ball in defence and always concentrates on the ball (left defence in first half)
Sophie - super skills I midfield, driving the ball forward and able to find wide spaces to receive the ball (right mid.)
Lily – excellent skills on display as she played many strong free hits from near the goal (left defence in second half)
Kate – demonstrated confident ball skills in midfield, helping the sweepers and attackers to move the ball on (left mid. in second half)
Tiggy – worked tirelessly to win the ball from the opposition with strong stick skills and determined tackling (centre mid.)
Skye – displayed clever stick skills and good confidence to take the ball wide and try to steer away from opposition (left wing)
Mabel – for being so new to the game, has picked up great ball skills and understanding of the game (right defence)
Iona – speedy and skilled around the pitch and remains focused throughout the match (centre forward)
Mrs Wright

Marnie Harvey, 05/10/2017

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