U9 Rugby v Loretto 

This week’s fixture was of great importance as it would help the boys and myself get a picture of what to expect in our pool stage at the Loretto 7s this forthcoming Sunday.


Loretto was a steady side, they offered good handling and sufficient supporting ability, this, combined with some nippy wingers, presented us with a healthy opposition.


Over the past few weeks, we have been working on shipping the ball out wide to an appropriate width, not so far as to overextend ourselves but far enough to open up the field for fast play. We did this excellently, and whilst Loretto tended to carry through the middle and become swamped in contact, our boys worked well, drawing the inside man and shipping the ball wide, which resulted in a healthy crop of tries.


Overall we played stunning rugby in every department. Robust tackling, effective rucking, beautiful dummy plays and ferocious running led to a more than comfortable win. 12-2 was the final score.


Credit to Loretto who played steady rugby and displayed some excellent skills, particularly in the second half.
Every lad played their heart out, and if we play like we did on Wednesday at the Loretto 7s, we will be in for a very exciting tournament.


Final Score: St Mary’s 12 – Loretto 2

J.I. Brown


Photos by Mrs H

Marnie Harvey, 01/10/2017

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