2nds XV Rugby v Belhaven 

Wednesday 27th September

This was a different kind of match where the scoreline did not strictly matter and it was providing the opportunity for the boys who were not selected in the 1st team this week to prove that they were perfectly capable of taking the jerseys off the people who think they have them.


Callum A was brilliant all-round the pitch. Using his passing to create width and spaces for everyone else, and tackling boys left, right and centre! It didn’t matter how much bigger they were to him, they always got put to the ground in textbook fashion. He also scored a well-taken try in the corner. Jake M, is growing in confidence with every step he takes onto a pitch. His work rate as a forward was outstanding, making the hard yards in attack and the dirty work in defence. Archie M, had the pace to leave defenders behind him and he certainly showed this on several occasions was just unfortunate not to have the support player around him. Again solid in defence and is become more and more consistent with the big hits.  Fergus H, like Jake, is growing in confidence more and more as this rugby term goes on. Showing great footwork, Fergus was really taking boys on and making yards every time he had the ball in hand. He was so close to scoring and he would have done had it not been for 3 Belhaven boys tackling him into touch. George B,, the rucking machine! It was a very rare occasion not seeing Georgie getting stuck into the rucks and either trying to secure the ball for his teammates or trying his best to get the ball back. Hamish R, seriously impressed during this fixture. On many occasions, Hamish went on runs and was breaking tackles for fun and like Archie was leaving defenders in his wake! He was really making a great effort and putting his body on the line to make tackles as well. Antony D-G, the captain for the day, and he truly led by example. He really took everything we have been doing in training this term so far and put into to practice. Playing with width and depth and really taking players on.

Massive thanks to Belhaven for their hospitality but also for ensuring that every one of their players helped even out the team numbers and performing to their very best no matter which side they were playing for. 




Marnie Harvey, 29/09/2017

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