Form 1 Visit to Mertourn Walled Garden

Despite Thursday’s rain Form 1 set off to visit the walled garden at Mertoun with wellies and waterproofs and Jessie adamant that she would be all right in just her shorts. (She changed her mind once we arrived and tracky bottoms soon appeared!)  We were met by Rupert, the Head Gardener at the estate, and he began by telling us about all the fruit and vegetables that grow there. As we walked around, we picked ripe tomatoes, green beans and onions before digging up potatoes, carrots and beetroot further on. After washing hands, we finished by picking a couple of raspberries each to eat and then returned to school laden with fruit and vegetables. Friday was cooking day and we made a delicious vegetable soup and an apple crumble for pudding. We are all looking forward to lunch on Monday!

mertoun 1

mertoun 2

mertoun 3

mertoun 4

mertoun 5

mertoun 6

mertoun 7

Miss Renwick

Jules Birdsall, 26/09/2017