Eildon Walk

Thursday 21st September 2017

eildon 4

We set off on our walk from Bowden Loch, taking a close look at the loch and some of its inhabitants and surrounding fauna on our way. The squelchy mud and many puddles, after the morning of rain, proved to be much more fun than looking closely at leaves, however! Fortunately the rain stayed away and we crossed up onto big Eildon taking the path around the North West side to reach the saddle.

eildon 3

eildon 2

On the way there was some blaeberries to sustain the children as they waited to have their picnic in the wee quarry. We looked at how the school came into view as we went around the hill and had a super view of all the surrounding area, trying to pick out different places the children knew on their way. Our picnic place was spoiled with litter left behind from previous picnickers but Max and I managed to clear this away and bring it back to the bin at school! The children were all disgusted that anyone should leave litter behind and it made them more careful about clearing up after themselves! After lunch and a bit of heather scrambling we walked back round by the Bowden side to find that the cows were a little more spread out along the path. The children were all very cautious and listened to my instructions as we passed them by and they simply swished their tails and kept on munching!


eildon 1

We returned to the loch in time for our lift back to school to finish a very enjoyable 3 weeks of this activity. Thank you to all the children in this group, it has been a real pleasure to take you out and about near our school and I have loved your chatter! Thanks also to Max who joined us last week and found another way to access those fantastic hills on our doorstep.

Mrs Runciman

Jules Birdsall, 26/09/2017