St. Mary's 2nd VIII v Kilgraston 

STM 2 – Kilgraston 1


It was a short but sweet afternoon at Tweedbank today for the 2nd VIII. Kilgraston were only able to bring one team down so they played the first 20 minutes against the St. Mary’s 1st VIII and the second against the 2nds. The 1sts had put on a very strong display against Kilgraston so the girls were keen to get out there and show what they could do too. There were elements of complacency in the first 10 minutes as Kilgraston dominated the pitch and scored very quickly. The 2nds rapidly realised they needed to focus and they got their heads back in the game. They began moving the ball around much better and demonstrated how confident they can be whilst carrying out their stick skills. Anna was still put under a lot of pressure in goal by the Kilgraston girls but she made some fantastic saves, supported by Tegan and Molly in defence. They came in for some strong tackles and cleared the ball wide. Our mids Eliza, Rosie and Freya worked hard on and off the bal,l and used their strength to fend off the opposition when they tried to steal the ball off them. Up front, Lara, Rowan and Ruby were goal hungry and had many opportunities in the D to score. Rowan demonstrated some very slick skills to protect the ball from the defenders before sending it with power, into the corner of the goal. That gave us the equaliser before the first 10 minutes were up. Then, in the second 10 minutes, Lara was focused and ready in position on the goal post for the mids to work the ball up into the D, where she expertly tapped it in behind the goalie.

It was a very good game from both sides and we were lucky to get the win, however, the display of hockey in the second 10 minutes was a vast improvement on the first 10. Well done, girls! 

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