U8 Rugby v Merchiston    

Wednesday 13th September 2017

The St. Mary’s U8 rugby team travelled up to the capital to play Merchiston, a school where rugby is embedded into their culture; this was time to put our Lions and Tigers to the test.
The St. Mary’s Lions began with a convincing win against Merchiston, this is no easy challenge and since it was the boy’s first game they should be proud on what they have achieved.
The St. Mary’s Tigers started with a 2-2 draw against Merchiston, the team did well to come back from being two tries down, this shows great determination to keep going even when it gets tough. The Tiger’s next game was against the St. Mary’s Lions team this game ended in another draw.
Both teams can now build on this first match and go into the season with a very good start under their belt.
Mr. Mateos and Stefan

U8 Rugby 13 sept 17

U8 Rugby 13 sept 17 2

Jules Birdsall, 14/09/2017

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