U9 Hockey v Clifton Hall

Wednesday 14th September 2017
At Clifton Hall

U9 Hockey 13 sept

This game was to be played on a grass pitch (and a very long one at that!) which necessitated a crash course during Mondays lesson on how to make the ball move. The girls took this all in their stride and arrived at Clifton Hall in an excited mood, ready to do their best in their first game as U9’s.

The game was to be played in thirds to allow time to swap girls on and off the pitch. St Mary’s scored a goal during each third. They remembered the skills they were taught last year though realised some were not so applicable on the grass surface. What they needed was strength and persistence to keep the ball moving. The U9’s were excellent at keeping a structure to their team and remember the different positional roles. This enabled them to look the stronger and more organised team throughout the game.

When they won possession of the ball they were good at travelling forward and getting into a position to shoot. They were also able to support the player with the ball by giving passing options and being patient enough to wait for the pass.

All the team made a good contribution to the goals scored which were eventually put in the net by Freya (2) and Celia (1). A great start to the season but after today’s experience I’m sure the team are looking forward to getting back on the astro. Final score 3-0 to St Mary’s.

Mahi Das, Nicole Gunn, Tallulah Kemp. Freya Millar, Beattie Morgan, Zara Mulholland, Celia Scott, Bee Smyly and Lily Taddei.

Mrs Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 14/09/2017

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