U10 Hockey v Clifton Hall

Wednesday 13th  September
Clifton Hall 8, St. Mary’s 0
Captain - Harriet

U10 Hockey 13 set

Our fixture today was very different.  Not only were we playing on grass but also playing against a goalie! 
The fixture was against an U10/11mix and therefore already had a goalie prepared and ready to play.  Luckily, their amazing goalie swapped teams and played for St. Mary’s for most the second half.  Our skills from astro were hard to transfer to the long grass on a bumpy incline but all in all it was a great learning experience for everyone.  The score was not as we had hoped but I was delighted with the commitment of the entire team and the enthusiasm right until the final whistle. 
Well done to everyone today and thank you to Mrs Mcintosh for helping with transport and to the cheering crowd of supporters on the sidelines. 

U10 Hockey 13 Sept 2

Harriet (Captain) – worked extremely hard in defence and displayed some powerful flicks away from goal
Mabel – had a great game working in defence in the second half and helped move the ball into midfield
Cadence – demonstrated some excellent attacking skills in the second half and tried to take chances near the goal
Sophie – showed great versatility in different positions and was a valuable team player
Kate – delighted to see her zoom around the pitch, call for the ball and work towards the goal
Skye – was strong as left wing throughout the game and easily transferred her stick skills to grass to pass and tackle
Tiggy – continued to “fight” for the ball and was frustrated at the slow pace and short distances but kept focused and strong in middle of the pitch
Emily – demonstrated strong skills in her attacking position of right wing and worked tirelessly to move the ball to the goal area
Bea – was confident in midfield, working to protect the goal and move the ball onwards
Anna – great right midfield player, able to keep the ball moving and show her determination to move the ball in the correct direction
Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 14/09/2017

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