3rds Hockey v Loretto

Wednesday 6th of September
Captain: Libby

3rd hockey 6 Sept 17

All Senior girls made their way to Loretto for the first matches of the new academic year. The girls had only one training session under their belt but were eager to get onto the pitch and have a hit. The thirds were short on numbers but Loretto kindly lent a couple of players so that we could play eight a side. St Mary’s won the toss and elected to take first push back, and so the 2017 hockey season had begun.

There was an impressive level of skill on display from both teams throughout the game. Quick play from the St Mary’s defence got the ball rolling for some exciting break aways, however, an absence of subs meant the forward and midfield players were struggling to run back and help the defence when the ball returned to our half. St Mary’s were unlucky not to score during the match but Loretto were ultimately too strong, St Mary’s losing 2-0. With a bit more training and some extra team members, I’m sure the ladies in green will be able to perform even better next week.

Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 08/09/2017

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