Week ending 8th September 2017

Monday 4th of September
The boys and girls of St Mary’s were back in town and ready for the new academic year! It was lovely to see old and new faces arriving at boarding after the first day of school, and even more epic to see the excitement of the boys as they explored their newly refurbished boys house! Mr and Mrs Rawson had been working hard over the summer to make sure the boys had a house that was 100% about them. Each dorm is now named after a country with flags in each room, and sky tv was put in a new common room so that the boys can keep up to date with their sport. To celebrate this new addition to the boys house, it seemed only fair that the boys were able to watch Scotland play in the football after prep, whilst the girls escaped to their house to make hema bead creations. It was an extremely relaxing way to begin the new school year and the perfect way to catch up with all that the pupils had done on their holidays.

mon 4 sept

mon 4 sept 2

mon 4 sept 3

Tuesday 5th of September
Boarders met in the quiet area outside the dining hall, excited by the fact both Mr Brown and Mrs Scott-Aiton were on duty. After a great dinner, the boarders went to the ICT room where they put their heads down and completed their prep. If pupils finished early, they worked on the computers playing Sumdog or read a book until everyone had finished and it was time for some kick tennis! Five teams of five rotated around the courts in the ultimate test of teamwork and skill, some admirable acts of courage on display from those willing to stretch out a leg or dive for the ball in order to keep their team in the game. This continued for half an hour until the juniors were asked to go inside for showers and snack, and the remainder of pupils given free time outside. An awesome night with lots of fun for everyone involved.

tue 5 sept

tue 5 sept 2

tue 5 sept 3

Wednesday 6th of September
In typical Wednesday fashion, pupils arrived in drips and drabs from their respective sporting matches. This meant that although there were low numbers at dinnertime (which was scrumptious chicken curry), there was soon enough people to have 12 a side football match on the front pitch. Those not involved in the football practised their rugby kicking with Mr Whitelaw and the new Gappie, Stefan. Others continued their hema bead creations from Monday night with Mrs Rawson or spent time in the music room with Jessie, clearing the dust that might have accumulated in their instruments over the summer holidays. Sshh, don’t tell Miss McRae! Eventually though, it was time to retire to the boarders respective houses and get ready for bed; another new school day drawing to a close.

wed 6 sept

wed 6 sept 2

wed 6 sept 3

Thursday 7th of September
Thursday boarders were in for a surprise tonight as they discovered that cooking with Cheffy had been changed from Monday nights to Thursday nights, allowing more pupils to develop their skills in the kitchen. Tonight’s menu was a typical Scottish dish that screamed protein; bacon wrapped chicken with haggis. It was such a treat and by the time we had finished our meals, we felt as though we had just gone fine dining at a restaurant. With our stomachs stuffed, students were grateful for the chance to digest their food during prep before they went outside for some ultimate Frisbee. It was great fun playing under the setting sun, and a fantastic way to wrap up week one of the new school year.

Mrs E Rawson


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