Form 3 and 4 Camp

Monday 26th June

The two classes had a wonderful day exploring Spottiswoode near Lauder on Monday.  After a safety talk and tour of the boundaries, the intrepid explorers adventured out to collect firewood for our camp fire.  After changing into shorts and t-shirts, the group followed the path of the steam into the murky waters of the lake (some taking on the challenge blindfolded!)  We enjoyed a BBQ lunch of sausages and burgers  before taking on the Wide Game where players were tasked with “stealing” the ball from the other base camp and along the way had to hide from the Predators (aka teachers). 

form 3 and 4 camp

form 3 and 4 camp 1

form 3 and 4 camp 2

form 3 and 4 camp 3

form 3 and 4 camp 4

form 3 and 4 camp 5

form 3 and 4 camp 6

form 3 and 4 camp 8
We all had a wonderful day!  Huge thanks to Mr P for organising a great adventure along with his helpers – Mr Whitelaw, Mr Mateus, Mrs Scott Aiton, Mrs Kirkness and Mrs Wright. 
Form 3 and 4

Jules Birdsall, 29/06/2017