French Vine Trust Café

for Kith ’n’ Kin Day.
The first half of the Summer Term came to and end with an exciting Kith ’n’ Kin Day for Form 7.  Every year we choose a charity to support during our French café and this year Iona suggested the Vine Trust - an excellent choice, supported unanimously by her classmates.

 french cafe
Ready for action...

french cafe 1

Où sont les garcons?

Early on Friday morning a record number of Form 7 pupils were clad in aprons and eagerly preparing the dining room.  Brightly coloured flowers and tablecloths adorned the tables and the café stretched into the quiet area, where younger pupils had prepared two beautiful wall hangings in the art class, based on French food.
french cafe 2
Beautiful café artwork

french cafe 3

At half past nine customers started to arrive and Form 7 put their café role-play language into action.  Throughout the morning they stopped serving and sang medleys of songs including Le Petit Navire, La Mer, Sympathique, Mon chapeau, Champs Elysées, Frère Jacques and the class favourite, Moi, j’adore les bananes.

french cafe 4
Table avec fleurs...

french cafe 5
Moi, j’adore les…gateaux!

french cafe 6
Tricolore pour Kith’n'Kin

french cafe 7
Qu’est-ce qu’on va manger?
By the end of a very busy morning they had collected £651-45 for the Vine Trust.  Many thanks to the Chef and his wonderful staff, who are always so helpful and to the parents and pupils who baked such delicious cakes and supplied the lovely flowers to decorate the dining room.  Bon travail, classe sept, et merci à tous!              

french cafe 8  

 Madame Syme


Jules Birdsall, 22/06/2017