Under 10 Triangular

Wednesday 7th June
St. Marys, Loretto & Ardvreck

U10 rounders June 17

After a few days of rain we were lucky to able to host our final fixture of the season against Loretto and Ardvreck this week.  I was delighted with the commitment and concentration and equally pleased with being victorious in both matches.  We were thrilled with the results as the “photobooth” style pictures show. 
Thank you to our many supporters on the sidelines today, enjoying the fast paced game in the glorious sunshine.  Huge congratulations to all the girls for a wonderful season on the Rounders circuit. 
Match and player info. 
St. Mary’s 4, Loretto 3½
St. Mary’s 9, Ardvreck 6½
Loretto 12½, Ardvreck 3
As back stop and 2nd post she worked tirelessly to get the ball where it had to be.  Some wonderful throwing and catching along with good match tactics meant that Freyja was a very valuable team member stumping out players and catching out another.  Unfortunately caught out against Loretto but scored 3 Rounders in the second match. 
Once again, was strong as bowler and moved to back stop in the other match.  Demonstrated her quick thinking, accurate throwing and excellent concentration throughout both matches and caught out a player.  Scored a total of 4½ Rounders in the matches today. 
Captain in the Loretto match. As 2nd post and 2nd deep she has gained confidence and skill working with backstop and bowler to stump players out.  Score two ½ Rounders in each match.
Played at 4th post and 3rd deep and has gained in confidence and skill throughout the season.  Stumped a player out at 4th post and scored ½ Rounder against Ardvreck even after a nasty knock on the head from the ball in the first match. 
Has improved with her accuracy in batting and scored ½ Rounder in the match against Ardvreck.  Showed great versatility by moving from 1st deep and 4th post in the two matches. 
Displayed some excellent batting today which was a delight to see.  Hit every ball in the Loretto match and scored 1½ Rounders in the match against Ardvreck.  Carefully covered 1st and 3rd posts. 
Tried out at bowler today with great success and similarly worked hard to protect the 2nd deep area.  As a “leftie”, she has a powerful swing and scored 1 Rounder in the match against Ardvreck. 
Captain in the match against Ardvreck and protected 3rd post confidently stumping out two players.  Covered 1st post in the Loretto match and scored a ½ Rounder in each match. 
Some good batting in both matches and after missing most the of training sessions this term due to ill health has fitted in perfectly to our squad.  Covered the 3rd deep and 1st deep areas in the two matches. 
U10 Rounders 2 June 17

Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 09/06/2017

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