U9A Rounders v Ardvreck

Wednesday 7th June 2017

This week we were off to Loretto again, not to play Loretto but to play Ardvreck on an equidistant pitch. An exciting day as we hadn’t played them at any game before. St Mary’s won the toss and elected to field first. After the first few minutes of the game, it was reassuring to see that the U9A were back on top form
with their fielding.

Iona, playing inside third post, had two near misses with her catching in the first innings but with the promise of a mini chocolate bar in the second innings, got her catch. A consistently good hitter throughout the season, Iona didn’t disappoint today scoring a grand total of seven rounders.  Super season Iona.
Emily played a steady game again on second post, managing to stump a number of players out. She did some great hits to score three and a half rounders.

In the first innings Skye had a great game at backstop, never missing a non hit. Always keen to take a risk when batting, her bravery got her a daring rounder in the first innings. Her total rounders score for the game was a fantastic four and a half rounders.

Cadence played backstop in the second innings, accurately throwing the ball to first post to give Anna the chance to stump two players out. With her disguised right handed hit to the right hand side, cadence scored two easy rounders.

Excellent and accurate bowling from Tiggy on a windy and difficult day and some intuitive communication between her and the backstop, kept Tiggy on top form. When batting Tiggy never fails to take her chances, most she wins, and this week she accumulated four and a half rounders.

Kate was playing in deep field. With a steady eye on the ball, nothing gets past her but with Advreck struggling to hit the ball she was quite redundant this week. Well done for remaining focussed.

Lily, in deep field, also had a quiet game though she was kept busy running back and forth to cover fourth post. Lily hit the ball well and scored one and a half rounders.

Sophie has learnt to hit the ball well and she continued with this success scoring two and a half rounders.

The way to Anna’s success is through chocolate! Offered this reward, she neatly stumped out two players at first post. Batting isn’t Anna’s strong point and no one was more delighted than me to see her make contact with bat and ball and score a half rounder from a hit.

Another excellent game girls. You gave Ardvreck a brilliant demonstration in fielding and batting to win 29 – 2. What a fabulous season, it’s sad to see it coming to an end.

Mrs Rhodes

Jules Birdsall, 08/06/2017

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