U11A Cricket v Belhaven Hill

Wednesday 31st May 2017

U11A Cricket 31st May

On Wednesday, the St. Mary’s U11A team made the short hop over the Lammermuirs to face Belhaven Hill in Dunbar. Despite being shorn of their three best players the East Lothian outfit would prove to be a very tough proposition.

We fielded a strong side captained by Mac R and elected to field out on the Undies Pitch beneath the copper beech. Mac opened the attack; roaring in from the Town End while Frederick picked away with some excellent whippy deliveries from the West Barns crease.

The two worked through the overs well before Mac finally trapped one of the openers LBW in his third over and picked off the other with an inside edge caught well behind by Archie Mo. Fielding was good with Geordie M making some excellent stops at long leg. Caelan and Archie Mac looked much sharper and “on their toes” and both were called on regularly as the ball whizzed toward them off the hard turf.

Ollie E made some fine stops in tandem with Jake, Stuart and Mitchell but it was Thomas E who really stood out for an energetic and effective effort in the field at silly mid off.

After 20 overs Belhaven had set a high but reachable target of 155.

Openers Mitchell and Archie Mo took to the field and were soon bedded in. However, after six overs we were barely into double figures. We therefore needed some players to start to turn the scoreboard over. A succession of batsmen came and went as they settled down at the crease, played a few well timed defensive shots and then planted their feet, closed their eyes and swung and missed. One must always remember that you can not score runs when you are sitting down in the pavilion. When you get out on the square your first priority is to stay in.

Cometh the hour cometh the Thomas – out onto the square strode young Elliot. Partnered by a number of teammates the big Form 6 bludgeoned the ball to the boundary with an agricultural simplicity. The scorecard started to look a little busier and Thomas’ personal tally crept up and up. All too soon it was the final over and it looked like Thomas would be left high and dry. However, with the help of the doughty Geordie, Thomas somehow worked his score to 42 with 5 balls to go.  

The bowler raced in and THWACK – Thomas sent the cherry bounding through extra cover to the rope. Dot ball then PING – the ball tootled off toward midwicket. The batsmen crossed and Thomas demanded a second. Geordie dutifully headed back with the Form 6 racing back to take strike for the final two balls. The ball was gathered and the fielder fizzed in a lovely flat throw. The wickie took the ball and whipped off the bails. Thomas lay prostrate on the turf with bat outstretched. His eyes met the home umpire’s. “Not out.” The official intoned.

Thomas rose to his feet, dusted off the red East Lothian clay and set his jaw. In came the bowler again, puffing and snorting as he charged in from the western rope. The ball was a good one but Thomas would not be denied. BOOM! The shot skipped off the turf in front of cover and bounced once more before just beating the despairing clutches of deep extra cover.

Thomas had done it! 52 Not Out.

This was a super game of cricket and an excellent demonstration of how an individual can sway a match. St. Mary’s were most unfortunate to come up against an incredibly able side containing some very fine cricketers. However, they did themselves proud with some determined play with no little skill.

Final result: St. Mary’s U11A lost to Belhaven Hill U11A by 52 runs.  

Mr T Rawson

Jules Birdsall, 05/06/2017

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