2nd Rounders v Belhaven

Wednesday 31st May 2017
St Mary's - 10; Belhaven - 18.5
2nd Rounders 31st May

A crowd gathered on the St Mary's fields for the Second's last match of the season. The girl's were facing up against a strong Belhaven team, however, it was a team we had beaten earlier this year and so we entered the match with high spirits.
Belhaven won the toss and elected to field first. Despite all our pre game batting practise, only three of the nine St Mary's girls managed to hit the ball on their first hit. In the same round, two of the girls were caught and run out, leaving us with seven players after nine balls. This was not a great start but we soon began to make contact with the ball and after a second round of hits, the girls had put 2 ½ Rounders on the scoreboard. Despite this, Belhaven had a sense of urgency in the field that we could not match batting, and by the 30th ball all but one St Mary's girl was out. St Mary's finished the innings with 4 ½ Rounders. 
Belhaven put the challenge to us early on in our first fielding inning, scoring 3 ½ Rounders off their first bats. Some great work at all four bases eventually stumped all but two players out but naturally, they were Belhaven's strongest hitters, and continued to test our back fielders for the remainder of the innings. After the first innings the score was 4 ½ - 9 ½  to Belhaven.
The St Mary's girls knew they had more to give in this second innings and though they only ended up scoring one rounder more in the second innings, their percentage of hits was far greater. Seven girls hit the ball on their first hit, scoring three Rounders in the process, compared to three girls making contact with the ball in the first innings. Unfortunately, our desire to get that extra ½ or full Rounder became our downfall in this innings, the girls in green running on and/or out running their teammates when the situation suggested it better to wait. Nonetheless, the girls can use this as a valuable lesson for future games. 
Belhaven were eager for redemption after our last match against them and played superbly again in the second innings. It seemed as though every player was hitting to the backfield and putting the St Mary's fielding in the spotlight. Clumsy hands, lack of listening and urgency unfortunately led to Belhaven rounding the Rounders pitch numerous times and finishing on a grand total of 18 ½ Rounders for the two innings.
It was a disappointing finish to the season but I'm still proud of the team's efforts nonetheless. Their desire to play has never wavered this term and as a result, obvious improvement can be seen from all players. Congrats girls on a fantastic season! 

Miss Jessie McRae


Jules Birdsall, 02/06/2017

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