1st Rounders v Belhaven Hill School 

Wednesday 31st May 2017
St Mary’s 15: Belhaven 17 ½

1st rounders 31st may 2




Captain: Millie

An unfortunate first innings in both batting and fielding was our undoing in this, the girls’ final match. The only full rounders came from Lucy and Naesi(x2) with halves for reaching 2nd from Millie, Lucy and Naesi. Five of the team were put out at first, a combination of superb fielding by the back stop but also ‘dilydalying’ on the way to the post-if only the girls would listen to the coach; it is vital to sprint to 1st post! Two well taken catches put out Louisa and Jess thus Naesi and Lucy were left to hold the fort. They did well to manage until ball 29 but only collected 4 ½ rounders

Fielding was a bit on the ropey side though there was much applause when Millie and Louisa caught out batters 5 and 7 and Georgia and Lucy stumped batter 9 at 2nd. Belhaven amassed 10 ½ rounders.

An uphill battle was upon us but the girls rose to the occasion. Louisa started with a ½ for taking 2 x no balls and then gained another ½ for reaching 2nd. Lucy smashed the ball deep but Belhaven were waiting for her and their deep fielder took a tremendous catch. Georgia hit to the right and sprinted round for a full, Anna, Naesi and Millie followed suite. Abbie too was caught out as were Jess and Chloe (but not before they had scored a ½ each ) Millie (x2) ,Naesi and Anna piled the pressure on and as they did so the opposition began to panic-this time, after 30 good balls we had 10 ½ and thus a total of 15.
Belhaven’s batting was good but our fielding was now tighter-we actually held them to only 2 full rounders; Anna, Millie and Naesi took catches(Naesi’s being the most athletic one I have seen!) but it was the sneaky wee half rounders that led to Belhaven beating us…but only just!

End of season statistics read as follows: Played 10, won 4, lost 6 with 87 ½ rounders scored and 95 ½ against. Our top 3 scorers were: Lucy B-21 rounders, Louisa-14 rounders and Millie 10 ½ rounders. Top 3 catchers were: Anna-5 catches, Millie-4 catches, Naesi and Lucy B-3 catches.

"They think it’s all over’….. It is now!! "
1st rounders 31st may

Mrs F K Bell

1st rounders 31st may 3

Marnie Harvey, 02/06/2017

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