U11 Rounders v Belhaven Hill School 

 Wednesday 31st May
St. Mary’s v Belhaven Hill
Final Score: St. Mary’s - 18.5
                       Belhaven - 12
Another glorious weather spell set the scene for an afternoon of sunshine, smiles, supporters and of course, sport!

Belhaven were our guests this week and having lost away in Dunbar to them earlier this season, there was a score to settle and the St. Mary’s girls meant business. Due to the large number of girls, both sides agreed to play 10 players at a time rather than the usual 9 which meant more playing for all. Belhaven had some big hitters and our fielding need to be slick and quick. Impressively, in the first innings the St. Mary’s girls managed to get 4 of the batters out at 1st post on their very first ball of the innings and 3 more as the innings went on were stumped at 2nd post. As predicted, our deeps were kept busy and had to execute some long and powerful throws to get the ball back into the diamond quickly and I was delighted that on many occasions this was the case, resulting in only half a rounder being scored rather than a full one. Belhaven only managed 1 full rounder that innings due to a super batter picking an empty spot to aim her shot and the rounder was thoroughly deserved. It certainly stretched our fielders to the max.








Our fielding was not quite as slick in the second innings and there were quite a few dropped catches, a couple of obstructions and some panicky, inaccurate throws. The position of the sun was not ideal for either teams, Belhaven’s batting was much better and they made it to second post on many occasions, collecting a whopping 13 half rounders and 1 full rounder.





Having the home advantage of a long warm up, the St. Mary’s girls’ batting was on form. That’s not to say that the Belhaven fielders made life easy for us. They were just as quick as us at getting the ball to 1st post in attempts to get us out and one fielder also made a fantastic catch from a huge, high hit whilst looking into the sun. However, when errors in their fielding occurred, the St. Mary’s team took opportunities to keep running and on many occasions, managed to get further round the posts than they initially thought possible. In both innings’ the girls managed a smattering of half and whole rounders. They also hit 24/30 balls in both innings’ too, which is an excellent amount and shows what progress the team are making.






As well as their fielding and batting, the biggest improvement I’ve seen from the whole team is how they work together from start to finish. No one girl is just out for themselves, they have a real desire to make decisions for the benefit of the whole team as well as communicating effectively with one another now too. Keep it up for next week girls when we play our final match against Ardvreck, at home. All support will be most welcome to spur the girls on to finish the season on a high. Well done, Dream Team!

Mrs Scott Aiton

Photographs by Mrs Harvey

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Marnie Harvey, 02/06/2017

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