U10 Rounder v Belhaven Hill

Wednesday 31st May
Captain – Emma

U10 Rounders 31 may 17
We were delighted to be hosted by Belhaven Hill School today on such a glorious afternoon and eager to try to build on the success of our last meeting with the opposition.  The final score in the last match in May was St. Mary’s 6 and Belhaven 4. 
Belhaven won the toss and chose to field first so we lined up to bat for the first inning.  Batting was rather mixed and with less girls making contact with the ball there were fewer chances to easily score.  We moved to field but with a slightly hilly pitch and lots of trees directly behind the backstop line it took us a while to get into our stride.  The batting picked up in the second inning, but our hosts were very quick to stump 2nd post and we had little chance to score until nearer the end of the inning where some of our players successfully batted superb powerful balls and took some important chances.  With Belhaven still to bat, they were already in the lead and although we tried hard to tighten up our fielding, the opposition were strong both in batting ability and in tactical thinking.  A very well deserved win today for the Belhaven girls. 
Well done to our girls today –
Freyja – another strong match as backstop and very unusually missed some opportunities at batting today. 
Elsa – scored 2 rounders and continued to use her good tactical thinking to keep our team as strong as possible
Imo – consistent batter scoring ½ and was keen to sharpen her skills at 2nd post
Emily – excellent batting today, scored 1 rounder and worked at 3rd deep and 1st post
Libby – worked hard to run for the long balls at 1st deep and 3rd deep
Anna – good batting today, scored ½ and worked well at 1st post and 4th post
Willa – lovely consistent batting, ½ rounder and swapped from her usual 3rd post to 2nd deep successfully
Elena – some good batting and took some chances to try to score, great at 2nd deep and 3rd post
Emma – even without her trainers, still managed to run around the posts and look after 4th post and 1st deep  
With an additional 2½ rounders added from no ball, the final score was St. Mary’s 7 and Belhaven 17. 
Many thanks to our supporters today who travelled to Dunbar.                   
Mrs Wright

Jules Birdsall, 01/06/2017

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